Stories of Hope

success stories from real clients


“Greg showed a lot of support and love and compassion. He was just very professional. He made sure everything went smoothly, so there were no bumps in the road or anything else we had to endure through the process.”

-Katie S.

Katie discovered she was pregnant when she was 20 years old. She and her boyfriend were both young and felt they couldn’t give a child the stable, healthy life it deserved. So, they made the painful decision to place their baby for adoption.

Greg understood their predicament. He comforted and encouraged them, and then he gave them scrapbooks depicting the lives of various families who were ready and willing to welcome their growing child. They fell in love with one couple in particular. During gestation, Katie and her boyfriend developed a strong bond with their daughter’s new parents that eventually resulted in an open adoption.

Over the past 12 years, Katie has watched the baby blossom into a talented young lady with a beautiful voice. She has been there for major milestones in the child’s life—as has Greg. In 2018, the girl recorded her first album, and they both celebrated her achievement at the release party.

“Greg was just a God-send. He calmed so many of our fears. It took nearly five months from the time we left the hospital—with our new baby whom we had fallen in love with—to the time everything was complete. He just reassured us that everything was going to be ok.”

-Jennifer G.

Greg helped Jennifer and her husband adopt two beautiful daughters. And, in each adoption, the couple was matched with a child relatively quickly. In 2008, a birth mother chose them only 24 hours after they dropped off their scrapbook at Greg’s office. In 2013, they received a call about another child while driving home from vacation; the couple headed straight to the hospital and left as a complete family.

But, as with every adoption, Jennifer and her husband had to wait several months after leaving the hospital before legally becoming the parents of their children. A lot can happen in that time, and each waiting period grated on them. But, Greg gave them the comfort they needed.

Now, the couple enjoys a much larger family than they ever expected. Both of the girls have open adoptions, and they have built healthy relationships with their birth parents. Jennifer and her husband have welcomed these birth parents—and grandparents—with open arms. Today, that beautiful, patchwork family gathers to celebrate birthdays and special occasions. They even take vacations together.

“Adoption gave me opportunities that I would not have had if I were not adopted. My birth mother really wanted me to have a better life than what she could give, so it’s something that I love to talk about. It’s given me a second chance.”

– Leigh L.

Leigh believes she has the best parents ever. Rick and Lynn have showered her with love since the day they took her home from the hospital on a summer day in 1991. 

And, she also has another set of parents—ones who loved her so much that they placed her for adoption. And, she will never forget their sacrifice. 

Leigh is the second child Greg Northcutt helped Rick and Lynn adopt. Her older brother never met his birth parents, but she did. She had an open adoption and had talked to her birth mother on the phone throughout her childhood. And then, she met her birth mother face-to-face at the age of 14, when she felt ready. Leigh also met her birth father when she was 18. These experiences, she says, helped fill in pieces of her identity. Talking to her birth parents took away part of the mystery that had surrounded the circumstances of her birth. She was grateful for that. 

But, she was even more grateful for her adoption. The combined love of her birth and adoptive parents had given her a stable, healthy life she might have never known otherwise.   

“When we first met with Greg, he really made us see the situation from the birth mother’s side. And, that’s something I had never thought about before.”

– Paige A.

Paige A. and her husband have a beautiful son with blond hair, blue eyes, and a big, gleeful grin. He’s the sunshine in their home—a gift from God and from a brave birth mother.

The couple started their adoption journey with the usual battery of paperwork. Greg helped guide them through each step in the process.

Seven months later, a birth mother wanted them to adopt a baby boy she had just delivered, but she left the hospital before Paige and her husband could arrive. For personal reasons, the mother wanted a closed adoption. There would be very little contact between her and the adoptive parents. 

The couple still encountered bumps in the road after taking their son home.  But, Greg helped keep them calm through every development, and he explained the situation from the birth parents’ point of view. He held the couple’s hands until the last document was signed. After that moment, Paige, her husband, and their baby boy posed for their first official family photo. 

“Greg knew the court system and the people who work in it. That made the adoption go smoothly.”

-Lynn L.

In 1986, Lynn L. and her husband, Rick, asked Greg to help them welcome a son into their family. It was Greg’s first adoption.  Rick and Lynn had an opportunity to adopt a baby from Arkansas, and they needed a Kentucky lawyer to finalize the adoption in Kentucky.

As sometimes happens, the couple encountered a bump or two in the adoption process. The birth mother struggled emotionally in the hours following the delivery, and she started having doubts about placing her son for adoption. While the birth mother wrestled with her decision, Rick, Lynn, and Greg prayed for her and leaned on each other for support and encouragement. Within a short time, the birth mother realized that placing her baby with adoptive parents was the best thing she could do for him, but she also decided that for her emotional health, the adoption should be closed (no continuing contact). So, the couple took their son home to begin a new life as a family of three.

Five years later, Greg helped Rick and Lynn adopt their second child—a daughter. This birth mother wanted an open adoption. She also wanted to live with any potential birth parents for a week so she could get to know the family that would love her baby. Rick and Lynn welcomed her into their home and reassured her that they could love and care for the girl in her womb.

Now, those two children are grown. The couple’s son has never met his birth mother, but their daughter built relationships with both of her birth parents. And, more than 25 years after their last court appearance, Lynn and Rick are still passionate advocates for adoption.