Adoptive Parents

Welcome a precious child into your family

Adoption will be one of the most meaningful experiences of your life. At times, you may encounter frustration and uncertainty, but the goal is for you to hold a beautiful son or daughter in the end. Your baby will be worth all the court appearances, waiting, and paperwork.

The Process


As we represent you, we can help you understand and connect with adoption agencies and other adoption opportunities. If you decide to pursue adoption, you may expect to do the following:

1) Meet with us.

We will explain the adoption process and answer all of your questions.

2) Create a family scrapbook.

These usually consist of photos and information about your home and family.  They can be created online and you can review lots of examples in our office during our visit.

3) Meet with an agency social worker and complete your home study.
The home study consists of gathering personal, financial, medical, and family background information.
4) Wait and pray for a birth mother.
5) Meet and possibly develop a relationship with the birth parents.
6) Experience the miracle of birth and the unfathomable sacrifice of a birth mother.

This promises to be one of the most life changing experiences you have ever had.  We wish we could explain here the amazing sacrifice and love shown by birth parents facing an adoptive placement.  But it simply transcends words.

7) Take your new son or daughter home.
In most cases, you will take  custody of your baby while in the hospital.  If the birth parents are from Kentucky, you probably can take the baby home directly from the hospital.  If the birth parents are from another state, there will be a few days delay before you can bring your baby back to Kentucky but in the meantime, you likely will have custody.
8) Wait patiently while we complete the legal requirements for adoption.
The adoption usually can be completed within 60-90 days following the birth of the baby. But unusual circumstances can delay the process.
9) Go to court for your final adoption hearing (and take lots of pictures).

The final adoption hearing is a joyous occasion for the adoptive family, the judge, and us! Normally, your family will be there and there will be a lot of photos taken.

“Greg was just a God-send. He calmed so many of our fears. It took nearly five months from the time we left the hospital—with our new baby whom we had fallen in love with—to the time everything was complete. He just reassured us that everything was going to be ok.”


Ready to welcome a new addition to your family?

We can answer the rest of your questions in our initial meeting.

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